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As a Non-Medical Help (NMH) Provider, Onyx Support offers a variety of services to students, universities and organisations, enabling individuals to flourish in their chosen areas of study and work. Through providing one to one support and workshops, encouraging practical support and strategies to reduce the challenges faced. Support is tailored to students depending on their current needs. Our support workers offer the following roles: 


  • Practical Support Assistant 

  • Library Support Assistant

  • Reader

  • Scribe

  • Workshop/Laboratory Assistant

  • Sighted Guide

  • Proof Reader/Text Checker

  • Study Assistant 

  • Examination Support Worker

  • Note Taker

  • Communication Support Worker 

  • Lip Speaker

  • Specialist Note Taker 

  • Specialist Transcription Service 

  • Mobility Trainer 

  • Specialist Mentor - Mental Health/AS

  • Specialist 1:1 Support 

  • BSL Interpreter

  • Assistive Technology Trainer

  • Specialist Support Professional

These roles are DSA and Institutional funded support roles.

We also offer one to one support for students who are not in receipt of DSA but require some support on topics such as:


  • Confidence building

  • Help completing forms

  • CV building

  • Wellbeing improvement

  • Employability support

  • Social support

  • Proof-reading and much more.


For more information, please 'Contact us'. 

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